Monday, 18 May 2015

NEW 2015 Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows

Today I'm back with some swatches of a few new loose eyeshadows from Sugarpill ~drool~

'Sparkling shades that outshine them all! These ultra-fine powders combine show-stopping color with a deluxe formula for long-lasting wear.'

Before taking the plunge and buying these shades, I had never tried a loose eyeshadow from Sugarpill before. Loose eyeshadows don't tend to be my thing, but that's purely down to a 'potential for mess' factor. Anyone else have the urge to just blow the powder everywhere? 

First up we have Charmy, a shimmering peach with pink and gold reflects. 
Charmy swatched next to Kitten Parade from the Sparklebaby palette. After seeing swatches online I thought these two might be a little too similar but I was wrooooong so wrong.

This divine chunky pot of heaven is Penelope, an intense shimmering copper that turns to liquid metal when used wet.

Here we have Countess, a burgundy purple with a blue shift. I wore this yesterday and oh my glob, it was beautiful.
The camera hasn't picked up the blue shimmer too well, boo.

Ahh, Hug Life. I didn't choose the Hug Life... 
This is showing up waaay brighter than it actually is. Hug Life is a green teal with gold shimmer. 
This swatch is more of an accurate colour, and look at that sheen mmm.

Next is possibly one of my favourites, Clickbait. It's sort of an ugly grey-green mossy colour, which sounds disgusting, but this is one of the best of the bunch and a really unique colour in my collection.

Finally is my ultimate favourite. I knew as soon as I saw it that we would be in love, and I was wasn't wrong. This is Mint Soda, a fabulous limey-olive green with the most stunning golden green shimmer of them all. I just want to roll around in it. 
The swatch really doesn't do this colour justice it's so pretty I want to cry... :')

I've had a few episodes of these shadows creasing on my -not very oily- eyelids, and I'm still testing to find out how to make that shimmer stay all day, (sticky primer is probably best) but overall I'm so in love with these shadows at the minute. They're enough to satisfy the maggiest of magpies, it's just a shame I can't get the sparkle to stay.

If you've tried these and have any recommendations of what to use as a base, feel free to leave me a comment :D

On my nails for anyone interested is Beach Hut from Models Own.

Swatches are over AVON Eyeshadow Primer although I use MAC Painterly Paint Pot on my eyes.
I paid for all of these myself! And maybe my lovely boyfriend chipped in (hello). I buy through Cocktail Cosmetics in the UK, they are my weakness.

Thank you for reading and follow me! It's free and there might be cake... 

Eve xoxo

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