Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MAC Burgundy x 9 dupes

I'm a makeup hoarder. There, I said it.
When I discovered that MAC were bringing out some new permanent eyeshadow palettes you know I was allover them like a rash. The ones that caught my eye were Burgundy x 9 and Amber x 9, and today I'm going to be sharing some dupes that were already hiding in my stash.

Oh and I should probably say all of these swatches are on bare skin, no primer or nuffin!
The shadow that made me need the MAC palette was Sketch, which in the pan is pretty much identical to Cherry Cordial from Too Faced.

Sketch and Cherry Cordial swatched side by side. Sketch is on the left and looks a lot more purple in tone than Cherry Cordial which is a very reddy-burgundy.

Next is my FAVOURITE Urban Decay eyeshadow ever, Nooner, and his MAC counterpart, Haux.

These two looked really similar in the pan but Nooner comes off slightly more pink when swatched. Haux is on the right.

Next we have Amaretto from Too Faced and Antiqued from MAC. 

In the pan these two looked exactly the same, but swatched Antiqued is much more orange and Amaretto is brown with an amber sheen.

#Noir next from MAC next to Black Forest Truffle from Too Faced. 

It's more apparent in this photo that these too aren't the most identical of twins, but they are definitely related. 
Black Forest Truffle is swatched on the left.
(Can we take a minute to appreciate Antiqued?! Mmmmm)

Finally, I thought I'd include a last pair that aren't really dupes but are pretty similar. 
Here's MAC Honeylust and Too Faced Marzipan.

These two are the same colour, the real difference is in the texture of the shadows. Marzipan is really smooth and lovely, whereas Honeylust is kind of... not. It's really chunky and full of glitter, probably best used over a sticky base.   

And there we have it! 5 dupes within two palettes that I already owned.
Did I really need this palette? Judging by these dupes, probably not, but this is a welcome addition to my collection and can we just stop again to talk about how beautiful Antiqued is?! Ahhhh... okay I'm done now. Thanks for stopping by!

Eve xoxo

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