Monday, 6 July 2015

Top 10 Eyeshadows

I'm back again to share some more of my top 10's, this time it's the turn of eyeshadow. All swatches are on bare skin.

First off we have my absolute favourite orange from Make Up For Ever. This is Tangerine ME-734. 

The swatch doesn't do this colour justice, it's a vibrant and very metallic orange with a formula to die for. I believe these are a gel to powder shadow which makes them super smooth.

Next we have another orange from Sugarpill. This is Flamepoint from the Burning Heart Palette. 

Look at the little dent in there! Nothing to shout about really but for me this is an achievement ;) I've found Sugarpill eyeshadows swatch terribly on bare skin/ without using a brush but on the eye over a base they come alive. 

Another orange, have you spotted a theme yet? This one is from the Stila Eyes Are The Window - Mind palette. This is Perception.

This is a lovely orangey brown colour and I love blending this into the crease to give an eye look a warmer tone. This palette is the first thing I've tried from Stila and the texture of these eyeshadows didn't disappoint.

Another orangey cinnamon brown now from the Sigma Brilliant & Spellbinding palette. This is Radiant. 

This is another warm orange brown but this time packed with glitter, yes I can justify every single one of these very similar colours ;) the thing that makes this shadow special is the glitter actually hangs around. I love wearing this on the lid with something darker in the crease. 

Let's take a deep breath... This next shade is probably my favourite of all favourites. It's from MAC, I think it's discontinued and yes, it's a warm orange brown. Let me introduce you to Brown Script. 

Admittedly, this doesn't look all that special sat next to two very similar shades, but oh it really is. I spotted this is the Cosmetic Company Outlet Store in York Designer Outlet and snapped it up immediately. I've had this a couple of months now and I've literally used it with every eye look. I need to go back and buy several more because I love it that much. Faaaave.

Onto something a little less samey now, we have a single eyeshadow from Urban Decay. This is the new and improved Lounge from the new Summer 2015 release. 

I think most of us know how amazing the formula of Urban Decay eyeshadow is. This is smoooooth like buttah and a super duper gorgeous shade. I've been wearing this a lot with Brown Script in the crease and a little dab of Sugarpill Lumi in the centre of my lid. It gives it that extra summin summin. 

The next is another shade that is similar (exactly the same) to Lounge, but is a steal at half the price. This is Polilla from Phee's Makeup Tips. 

How amazing is this for an independent brand?! For £6.50 you get a huuuuge pan of beautiful duochrome loveliness. It has a deep reddish base and also looks amazing with Brown Script in the crease and a little dash of Lumi. Highly recommended Phee's Makeup Tips and her hilighters are TO DIE FOR. 

Another shadow from Urban Decay now, but this time it's a super sparkling Moondust eyeshadow. This is Solstice. Brace yourselves.

Again, the swatch photo doesn't do this shadow justice. It's the most amazing red/blue/green/pink gahhhh all the colours it's just so pretty. It's the most duochrome of duochromes and looks fabulous worn wet with a little dash of Brown Script in the crease. I swear that's the last time I'll mention it. Promise. 

Next is technically two shades but they're next to each other in my Naked Palette so it doesn't count, right? 

There always has to be one out of focus photo, sigh. You've most likely seen these two before unless you've been living under a rock. This is Half Baked and Smog from Urban Decay. These two are all round favourites for me, they're so easy to chuck on the lid and go if I'm in a rush and again, smooth like buttaaaah! 

And finally, another shadow from Urban Decay but the other end of the spectrum now. This is encased in the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette and probably the most exciting of the lot. This is Thrash. 

If I had to pick a favourite colour, this would be it. Thrash is a bright matte limey chartreuse green with tiny little glitters running throughout. This makes the matte texture a little easier to work with, though this shadow isn't tricky in the slightest. And how good does it look next to Smog?! 

And there we have it! 10 (or 11) of my favourite eyeshadows, dare I say of all time? These are the shades I reach for most and I hope you've enjoyed seeing some more of my favourites! 

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Thank you for stopping by :D 

Eve xoxo 

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