Sunday, 21 August 2016

DIY Chrome Mirror Nails!

Chrome nails are E V E R Y W H E R E!!!
Today I got thinking and came up with a way to recreate the look without buying a single sponge tip applicator or tiny overpriced 2g pot of pigment!
First things first, you're going to want to prepare your nails. All the tutorials I've seen online call for gel polish, curing lamps and non tacky top coat, but never fear! I recreated this look using regular polish. Let's get that base coat down!
I'm using my -almost empty- Sally Hanson Double Duty.

Next up is picking your base colour. I first tested this out over the pink that was already on my nails, and opted for a good old black on my ring finger. Obviously you can try this over any colour you want! 

I used two generous coats of Barry M Black.

You're going to want to wait until whatever colour you chose is touch dry to completely dry. I've found the next step works best if the polish is still slightly wet, but if you get sidetracked and your polish dries completely, slick on a thin layer of topcoat and all is saved. 

The next stage is where my discovery comes in. When I saw the mirror nail videos starting to slowly flood my facebook, I thought I already owned a product that looked rather similar. I took my super sliver shiny Sugarpill Grand Tiara Loose Eyeshadow and decided to rub it into my nail varnish. AND IT WORKED! The outcome seems slightly more dull than the specially designed 'mirror powders', but it still has the same amazing effect. 

I dipped my -CLEAN- finger into the lid of the jar, picking up a tiny amount of silver powder and gently rubbed it into my slightly tacky nail polish, being careful not to rub the polish around my nail. 

And there is the finished look! I topped off my nails with a generous helping of Seche Vite as always. My photos don't do the silver justice, it looks pretty damn amazing.

Please let me know if you try this out, tag me in your photos on instagram @littleever1 and subscribe for more! 

Eve xoxo

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